LSYA Member Clubs that Host LSYA Offshore Races in a 2 year cycle

Lake Superior Yachting Association

2019 LSYA Member Club Hosted Race Schedule

                                                                                                              Offshore   Start/End 

        Race Name                                              Start Date                          Series     Host Club(s)  

  1. Around the Islands Race                           June 29, 2019                     Yes        AIS
  2. Bayfield Race Week                                  July 1-July 5, 2019              No         AIS
  3. International Grand Marais to Thunder Bay July 21, 2019                     Yes        TBYC
  4. Trans Superior International Yacht Race     August 3, 2019                   Yes        Duluth Yacht Club
  5. Duluth to Silver Bay                                  Aug 9, 2019                       Yes        Duluth Yacht Club

Offshore Race Series

  • Competitors must enter the LSYA Offshore Series Championship   (only those races as Offshore in the schedule above) to be scored for LSYA Season Championship Trophies.
  • Entry Fee is $100 at
    • Official Entry open 12/14/2018
    • $25 late fee for all entries after June 30 2019, the day after the first race. 
  • Each race may also require an entry fee from the hosting club.
    • Each host may have social activities with separate fees. 
  • Sailing Instructions and Race Management are provided by the host clubs listed for each event.