Lake Superior Yachting Association

2016 LSYA Member Club Hosted Race Results


Race Name                                    Start Date                  Host Club(s)          Results

Duluth to Bayfield                          June 30, 2016             DKC/AIS       

Around the Islands Race                 July 2, 2016                AIS              

International to Marquette              August 1, 2016            TBYC/MYC    

Marquette to Houghton                  August 4, 2016            MYC/OYC      

Houghton to Washington Harbor     August 7, 2016            OYC            

LSYA 2016 Season's Winners! 

           First:     Papa Gaucho (DKC)
           Second: Northern Harrier (TBYC)
           Third:    Red Hawk (OYC)

Awards. The Commodor Request for everyone to send him past results.

Two new trophies added to LSYA. One for seasons overall winner and one for LSYA Triangle race series winner.